Friday, December 5, 2008

These Areas Are Not Open To Compromise

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The average nomadic home is a small space. To fit everything into a nomadic home, that most people think they need, you would need to compromise the amount of room for each specific area. There are some areas that I believe, are not open to compromise. I think, therefore, that those areas should be planned first. If there isn't enough room left after this small list I have is finished, you are better off not trying to get the other stuff into your nomadic home. My list of priorities in order are;

3:Heater (in cold climate areas)

If you managed that, you can live in relative comfort.

If you still have room after those things are in, I would then continue with;

5:Dining Table

If you managed to fit all of that in, without compromising on the size of any of it, congratulations. You now have a nomadic home that can be more comfortable than most peoples houses.

I have already posted my opinion about how to set up a shower in a nomadic home. In future posts I will give my opinions on the rest of this list.


Pete Patton said...

Good stuff. Where are you in Aotearoa. I'm in Little River on Banks Penninsula.

Mobile Home said...

Dunedin at present.

Pete Patton said...

Dunedin. I've heard it's a good place, I have not been there yet. Am strongly considering to build a MacNaughton though am thinking Sovereign more than Crown Jewel. That's if I can live through the temptation found at

If your in town look me up or contact me at

Mobile Home said...

The first boat I lived on was a 34 ft Wharram Catamaran. Personally, unless you want the ability to sail in shallow water and drying out capability, I would go with the Sovereign over the Wharram. Check out the redesign of Sovereign

Also there are much better catamaran designs now days. That one on the trademe site has been in the weather for a LOOONG time. My guess is that it would be cheaper to start again, than try to bring that one up to scratch.