Friday, January 16, 2009

A First Home

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My work friend Terry has done something, which in modern society is probably considered unusual, but I think is actually quite far sighted. For his teenage son's bedroom, he has bought an old house bus.

The bus is fully self contained with kitchen, bathroom, shower, wood fire and running hot/cold water. For a teenage boy, having the bus now means he has a certain amount of autonomy, which is important at that age. Along with the fact that the bus is old, Terry feels that it was not thought out that well, in conception. So he plans on doing it up with his son, to make it more functional, with better use of space. He is also planning on mechanically improving it as well. Currently it has the original petrol motor, which will be replaced with a modern diesel. The suspension and brake systems will also be updated. Because father and son will be doing the work together, Terry intends for his son to become competent at carrying out maintenance for himself. Most important in my opinion is that once his son is old enough, has learned to drive and has the relevant driving licences, Terry intends to hand over ownership to his son, so that he will start his adult life already owning his own home! I don't know that many people get that kind of start in life.

Here are some photo's of the interior as it is currently.

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sailing Simplicity said...

That bus is awesome! I wish I had one when I was a teen. I always liked making a cozy small space my own. I think I lived in a cardboard box in my bedroom for a while, then upgraded and hung sheets from the ceiling. Now...a boat. But a bus would be cool too!