Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pics of my Westfalia (Set up for Two)

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It gives a good perspective of how two people can live comfortably in the small space, which is a VW van.

I posted pictures, several months ago, of what the inside of my van looked like when I was the only one living in it. It was very organized, cozy, and everything had its place. Believe it or not, my van is still very organized, even though there are now two of us living in it. I got rid of a bunch of stuff before Dan moved in, and I only really kept my essentials in here with me. It takes a lot of focus some days, but I always try to put stuff away before things get out of control in here. When things start to get messy, they get messier real fast. This is what happens if I haven't felt like cleaning in a few days, I need to get into my engine compartment, and my bench-seat storage compartment isn't easily accessible. I go crazy when I don't have any floor space:

Luckily that doesn't happen too often. I try to keep it like this with two of us living in it:

I don't think I've posted any photos yet of my awesome front "breakfast nook" and "typing area" that appears when I set up my table and swivel the front seats. It really gives my van a stronger sense of home, especially with the top popped:

It is really amazing how huge my van seems when the top is popped up. It literally gives me an upstairs where I can feel completely alone inside my van, even if someone is typing up front and someone else is hanging out on the "down-stairs" bed. I love my van... (but you all know that)

My van makes me a true home-owner. Back when I actually "owned a house," I didn't actually own a house. The bank owned it. I don't know why that classified me as a home-owner. NOW I am truthfully a home-owner, since my van is bought and paid for. The best home I could ever ask for is all mine, on wheels, and organized better than my stick-built house ever was.

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