Monday, January 5, 2009

Terry's Caravan

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Terry is a friend from work. He has also spent most of his adult life living in house trucks, so I though it would be worth checking out his current living situation for this blog.
Awhile ago he bought a piece of land at the top of a BIG hill. here is a composite photo of his view. Click on it to get a better idea of what he looks out onto.

For accommodation, Terry has placed a collection of old buses, trucks and a caravan. This is a work in progress, which should be quite comfortable when he is finished. At the moment he is using the caravan as the kitchen. He is also planning on going traveling in it, when his son has grown up and moved on. despite outside appearances, it will be luxury for a single person.

This small, old, home-built caravan, is Terry's pride and joy and after having a look through it, I can understand why. It is only about ten feet long, but because the interior has been so well thought out, has much more room than the size would suggest.

At the front is a table between two seats (with proper inner sprung cushions!). The table drops down, to create a single bed, which ends up with a comfortable inner sprung mattress, using the seat cushions. Along the back is a couch, which converts into a double bed and along the right hand side, (with loads of storage under) is the kitchen.

Above the sink are a couple of storage lockers.

All of the way around the top of the walls and under the overhead lockers is a fidrail shelf, which adds yet more unobtrusive storage.

I didn't take any photo's of the left hand side of the caravan, because it only shows the doorway and a floor to ceiling cupboard. Terry feels that, that cupboard is a poor use of space (the only issue he has with this caravan), and he plans on replacing it with a really nice old "Runlight" wood burning oven that he has. The Runlight is a small stove, being only about 18 inches wide and about 12 inches deep. I have spent time on a couple of boats that had them, when I was a child and have very fond memories of them (they require very small amounts of fuel, cook magnificently and provide nice dry heat). He will mount the stove at about knee height and will put a storage cupboard under it.


The Traveler said...
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Caravan Site Northern Ireland said...

I think that this will be a pride and joy for Terry when it is finish with the work. I am looking forward for more images soon.